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08/29/12 - In this weeks show Disney is confused about paying sick leave for their cast members, Disney also tries to purchase Disneyland Paris, and tourists get scammed by buying park tickets at P.F. Changs.

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08/29/12 - In this episode the teams takes calls from listeners with questions about dining at Walt Disney World.

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08/29/12 - In this episode Kevin Klose gives his review of Captain Cook's Snack Company at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

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In this weeks show Disney starts cloning people, Politicians get free tickets to Disney and Pete threatens to withdraw his love and support from anyone who disappoints him.

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In this episode Kathy and Teresa tell us about their recent trip to Nova Scotia to attend a DIS meet / Give Kids the World fundraiser.  

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Pete Werner and Walter Echols compare their trip to Alaska aboard the Norwegian Jewel to last years Alaska trip aboard the Disney Wonder.

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08/15/12 - The team discusses the Disney Look and religious clothing, Universal's plan for the new Harry Potter expansion, and Pete Werner calls in from Alaska.

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08/15/12 - Kathleen Bobbitt discusses her very first cruise aboard the Disney Dream.

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08/15/12 - Kevin Klose and John Magi discuss their travels on the Disney Magic cruising through Canada.

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In this episode the team discusses Universal's earnings report, the new "My Disney Experience" app and some more 15th anniversary voicemails from our listeners.

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